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MAS LAW is a full service law firm which provides transparent and efficient legal services to all its clients.


The Firm is designed to provide a wide range of legal services to individuals, families, businesses and corporations. With transparency and efficiency as its guiding principles, the Firm is dedicated to interact and communicate with its client to assure that the client is informed of everything in relation to his case/concern.


Headed by its Founder, Atty. Marcus A. Sinson, the Firm specializes in family law (such as annulment, nullity of marriage, legal separation, adoption, support, etc.), criminal law (theft, estafa,  acts of lasciviousness, Violence against women and children, etc.), civil law ( partition, damages, collection, etc.), labor law, immigration law, corporate law and special concerns.


The Firm endeavors to provide the client with legal services equipped with the latest laws, rules, regulations and jurisprudence (case laws) to ensure that the client's concerns are well protected.

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